Our work in this area is carried out with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail, helping you to always make the right workplace decisions… see more Services we offer:
  • Registrations, terminations and changes in Social Security
  • Payroll preparation and management
  • Social insurance
  • Work contracts and bonuses
  • Calculation of tax withholdings and presentation
  • Dismissals
  • Work inspections
  • Household Employees Scheme (registrations, terminations, changes and contracts)
  • Self-employed workers scheme / TRADE
  • Specialists in Special Artists Scheme
  • Special arrangements with Social Security
  • Leaves of Absence
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The combination of a great team of professionals with the best technology allows you to outsource your accounting, meaning cost-savings for your company … see more Services we offer:
  • Accounting entries
  • Preparation and presentation of Accounting Ledgers and Annual Accounts
  • Consolidation of bank statements
  • Preparation of balance sheets
  • VAT records
  • Depreciation calculations
  • Filing accounting documents
  • Calculation of net book value
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We give you the peace of mind and security that you’ve been looking for. Based on our experience and know-how, we offer professional, customized and effective solutions … see more Services we offer:
  • Calculation and presentation of taxes
  • Tax returns
  • Tax efficiency analysis
  • Handling tax authority requirements
  • Debt repayment deferrals/instalments
  • Registration, termination and changes to the census
  • Electronic notifications
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Register of Intra-Community Operators (ROI)
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The main feature of our work in this area is our speed and flexibility in handling all kinds of administrative procedures, saving you as much time as possible … see more   Services we offer:  
  • Drawing up rental agreements and managing rental deposits with PROP
  • Change of vehicle ownership
  • Change of real estate ownership
  • Requesting maximum sale price for subsidized housing
  • Managing registration of residency
  • Debt acknowledgement form
  • Changing the name on a transport licence
  • Procedures with the Road Transport Authority (DGT)
  • Complaint forms
  • Various procedures with Public Administrations.
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